Stained glass is an unusual painting technique that uses stained glass as a basic medium. Mastering the craft is not simple since the entire procedure, from an idea to the assembly, consists of several phases: coming up with an idea – design, cardboard printing with 1:1 scale, glass cutting, grinding, welding, patination and assembly.
Transport and assembly are the riskiest parts of the entire process since even the slightest carelessness may destroy the entire work.
Each stained glass panel is made for a specific purpose, for a client and for a specific architectural setting. In majority of cases, the final design is a compromise between the wishes of buyers and our proposals. We pay particular attention to the lighting, stained glass background and transparency degree. Adequate ready-made design can be also found in abundant stained glass literature and catalogues.
The price depends on the complexity of the design, material consumption and time necessary for making.